Another photo from the Tri-State

Tim G. sent this photo from the depths of the judges area at the Tri-State! If you have a photo you took that you’d like to share, please send it to


A few photos from the 2016 Tri-State


If you have some photos you’d like us to post, please email them to (send a couple at a time so it goes through!) These are from Janice H.

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Dessert Contest Entries (photos)


These were the entries for the dessert contest. The winner was the chocolate bundt cake with a flan topping and raspberries. Many thanks to the Dothan Eagle for sponsoring it and to all the contestants for entering, and also to D. Cole photography for taking these great photos!

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Battle of the Burger Entries


We’ve had many people asking to see the entries for the burger competition, so here they are! #35 was the burger winner, and that one is the Asian looking one with the oranges, umbrellas and greenery decorations. Thank you to D. Cole photography for their assistance in capturing all the entries at the event, and Read More


Sweet Tea contest— Wink Yelverton Burger Competition— Carol Hara Dessert Competition— Forrest Dillmore, Jr.

Peoples’ Choice— entry #39, Wink’s Barbeceue

Backyard Barbecue: Grand Champion: Big Chief\’s BBQ – 758.38333 Reserve Grand Champion: 2 Live Q – 757.21667

Overall Results 1 Big Chief’s BBQ

2 Live Q

3 Groundhog Smokers

4 Hog N’ Ass

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